Parnami X Ray and Clinic Lab

Parnami X Ray and Clinic Lab

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Clinics have a crucial role among healthcare institutions that are organized to provide medication to Delhi's people. Parnami X Ray and Clinic Lab (rated 4.8 on has modern equipment to grant care in the area of diagnostics, to determine the sicknesses and to pick the fitting remedies.

Before any serious prescription is assigned, a correct diagnosis has to be made. Parnami X Ray and Clinic Lab will check your health's status whether for a regular checkup or to find out the damage done by your sickness. And, depending on the range of symptoms and the patient's medical history, more specific diagnostic manipulations may be a necessity. For example, medical imaging of the body's internal organs is possible via non-invasive techniques such as ultrasound scan.

By calling 911127677360 you can find out more.

You may find this facility by the following address: A 15, Azadpur, Delhi — 110033 (near a Adarsh Nagar metro station).

до м. Adarsh Nagar — 0.4 km
Working hours
Mon-Sat: 08:00—20:00; Sun: 08:00—14:00
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