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Dr Soni Anand

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Dr Soni Anand (rated 4.8 on NearByAll website) operates in the area of diagnostics and gynecology to provide people of Delhi with necessary medical treatment.

Before any serious prescription is assigned, a solid diagnosis has to be made. Dr Soni Anand will check your health's status whether for a regular checkup or to discover the cause of your sickness. And, depending on the range of symptoms and overall the patient's medical history, more specific diagnostic manipulations may be a necessity.

By dialing this number: 919873227880 you can find out more.

You may find this physician by the following address: C-4/255 Sec-6, Rohini Sector 6, Delhi — 110085 (near a Rohini West metro station).

до м. Rohini West — 0.4 km
Working hours
daily: 11:00 - 08:30
Mon - Sun: break from 2:00 am to 6:00 am.
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